Community Manager


Community Manager to Global Patient Organization
IFPA is seeking a Community Manager to lead the work with members and member programs.
The Community Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and is based at our head office in Stockholm, Sweden.
It is the role of the Community Manager to strengthen IFPA members and raise national support for people living with psoriatic disease.
IFPA’s ability to deliver on its vision of a future where all people living with psoriatic disease enjoy good health and well-being is directly influenced by the ability of its member associations to demand change locally.
It is critical to boost national members and help strengthen their capabilities.
Activities and priorities
The Community Manager’s responsibilities can be divided into three main areas:
1) Evaluate member needs and satisfaction
Systematically evaluate member needs and satisfaction on an ongoing basis and actively respond to address gaps
Facilitate member surveys
Conduct member reporting
Analyze member needs
Connect with members and build relationships
Drive member engagement
Organize member meetings (as part of a team)

2) Capacity development services
Continue developing tools and guidance documents, training workshops and networking initiatives
Mobilize members in campaigns, projects and IFPA activities
Members communication – Manage the IFPA update, member news (with support from Communication Manager)
Integrate Members work (writing articles, turning it into accelerator classes, etc.)
Develop Member strategy & New member strategy (together with Marketing Manager)
Suggest solutions for member needs
Support members with their needs, and match IFPA’s experts for consultancy engagement if needed
Develop projects based on member needs, if necessary, write project funding requests
Manage IFPA Funds, responsible for call to action, project development, election including analysis and organizing meetings, distribution of funds, follow up and reporting

3) IFPA Accelerator
Facilitate the execution of IFPA Accelerator
Develop the program
Develop training packages and courses
Engage speakers
Attract members to participate
Attract psoriatic disease advocates to attain (together with Marketing Manager)

Responsible for the budget and planning regarding members and connected programs, funds and projects (together with Executive Director)
Responsible for the hiring, coaching and planning of interns within the field of capacity development
The role may require periodic travelling
We are a small and dynamic team and it is important that you are ready to jump in and lend your support where it is needed

Who is IFPA
IFPA works with and through member associations to drive positive change for people living with psoriatic disease, everywhere.
IFPA represents people with psoriatic disease in all regions of the world to facilitate as many people with psoriatic disease as possible having access to support and resources.
About the employment
Salary type: Fixed monthly, weekly or hourly salary
Where is the workplace?
Slottsbacken 8
11130 Stockholm
The employer

English Jobs Sweden
About:  English Jobs Sweden specializes in recruiting international talent for Swedish companies. Since 2009 we have have helped over 8000 professionals connect with traditional companies such as as Ericsson, Skanska, ABB, Volvo and SAAB as well Swedish startups such as Spotify, TrueCaller, Klarna and Skype. We welcome talent with a multicultural background and knowledge of local cultures, languages and business markets. Industries we cover: Tech, Marketing & Communications, Events, Media, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Consulting


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