Get advice from a recruiter before you apply

Just 30 minutes can save you 30 days in your job search


Employers receive a large number of CVs each week.

Please make sure your CV and Cover Letter is customised and structured for the position you are applying for.

To get feedback on your CV and Cover Letter BEFORE YOU APPLY, book a quick 30 minute meeting with a recruiter here (Fridays only)

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Why get help from a Swedish recruiter?

The job market is competitive, many jobs are never advertised and it takes more than just emailing CV’s or filling online forms. 

> Save time by learning how search in the right place and apply the right way

> Improve your presentation with insights, feedback and advice from Swedish recruitment professionals

> Increase your chances of success by find out what employers look for and what mistakes you may be making

> Get more interview decisions by connecting with the right employers based on your language skills and international experience.

All our workshops are held 1 on 1 over Skype.

Industries we cover

Tech, Marketing, Media, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Consulting, PR, Events, Admin

Workshop 1 - Your CV for Sweden

“The average time spent reading a CV is just 6 seconds”
– Forbes

What do Swedish employers look for in your CV and Cover Letter? Have you included the right information?

Get an insight into the hiring process, how to present your experience and profile yourself for different types of jobs.

Work 1-on-1 with a recruiter to create a clear, concise and well structured CV presentation for Swedish employers.

What you will learn:

What do Swedish employers look for in your CV?
Have you included the right information?
Get an insight into the hiring process
How to profile yourself for different types of jobs.
How to write a well structured presentation?

Get help from a recruiter to:

1. Plan and customise your content
format it for Swedish employers
customise it for industries and job titles

2. Present your experience
demonstrate your credibility
quantify your performance and experience
use client references and brands

3. Profile your skills
highlight transferable skills and qualifications
strengthen areas of weakness
demonstrate soft skills

4. Structure your information
optimise it for keywords, databases and web forms
use LinkedIn to support your CV
create a supporting online portfolio
tune up your social media profile

5. Style your CV
reduce clutter and make it user friendly
make it aesthetically appealing
maximise readability

Workshop 02 - Your job search in Sweden

“80% of job searched are never advertised”
– Forbes.

Searching for jobs is a skill. Invest in learning it and save time by connecting with the right employers.

Identify companies in Sweden fitting your experience and getting applications in front of the right people.

Work 1-on-1 with a recruiter to follow up on your CV, speak to decision makers and get interview commitments.

What you will learn: 

Where to find jobs matching your background?
Which companies fit your profile?
How to find opportunities at companies such as Spotify, Truecaller, Tictail that are rapidly expanding into international markets.

Get help from a recruiter to:

1. Send applications at the right time
how the recruitment season works
how the recruitment process works
how the decision process works

2. Find matching employers
which employers are the best match your experience?
which industries you should focus on?
how to research jobs and employers?

3. Presenting your skills
how to present your transferable skills?
how to present your competencies

4. Employer contacts
which networks to join?
how to establish contact?
how to send your CV and follow up?
how to get decisions and interview commitments?

5. Interview and salary
which interview questions to expect?
how to practice pitch for an interview?
how to negotiate your salary and benefits?

Book a meeting time

Meet with a Swedish recruiter and get personalised support with your job search, cv, work permits and more. All meetings are 30-45 minutes. in person or over Skype.

What job seekers say and why they ♥ it...

From interview to employment in 2 weeks

I was totally frustrated and disappointed with the Swedish job market. I had been depending on recruitment agencies to find me a job and have been emailing my CV but only had 1 response in 6 months. Your coaching has enabled me to be more active and take control of my own job search. I have discovered jobs I would never have thought of and already had 7 interviews and am a lot more optimistic about finding work.

N.Iyer, Halmstad

Useful course! Like many, I came here with my Swedish wife and was intimidated by the jobs demanding a knowledge of Swedish. Fortunately, after attending the seminar, I have managed to find my niche and have started my own Spanish translation company, I want to thank you.

S. Rodriguez, Lund

Inspiring and Motivating. This is just what I needed. I loved the part on directly connecting with employers and how to have a structured conversation. I was always afraid of speaking directly to them, but after attending your coaching, I have not only connect with some important people, but have landed my first job. I want to thank you.

A.Helena, Stockholm

I realised there is more to applying for jobs than just sending out CV’s. Since the coaching, I have spoken to over 50 employers and feel a lot more confident in my conversations with them and getting positive reactions to my CV.

A.Mohammed, KTH, Stockholm

Being a foreign student here, I was looking for an introduction to the job market and the Swedish Job Culture. This coaching was perfect. I was able to get a part-time job almost the same week and am looking forward to it becoming permanent. Thanks for changing my life!

S.Rao, Gothenberg

Thank you for the seminar, I’m glad I took the time out to learn these skills and change my approach, I have lined up 3 interviews in just one week.

C.Rivera, KTH

The workshop format was friendly and nice, I found it useful to speak to others in my industry also looking for jobs and share resources and tips. The structure was clear and well organised and most importantly I now have a job!!!!

B.Gregory, London / Malmo

Loved attending the seminar with other job seekers like my self to share our problems. Nice to know I’m not the only once facing them.

R.Gibson, Gothenburg

I am now speaking directly to employers and have learnt to network and increased my network of contacts after attending the seminar. Thanks for helping.

E.Austin, Stockholm

First of all, thanks a lot for the Workshop! I think it was great, because we have gained lots of tips and advice from you, could try them out and see if it works (or that we need more practice..), and of course met each other – people interested in starting up their own businesses. The best advice for me was to structure the talk – get attention, present idea, qualify and close. This allowed me to see how it should actually should be done.

O.Kosuchinas, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship Weekend Workshop