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EnglishJobs.se specialises in recruiting international talent for Swedish companies. Since 2009 we have have helped over 8000 professionals connect with traditional companies such as as Ericsson, Skanska, ABB, Volvo and SAAB as well Swedish startups such as Spotify, TrueCaller, Klarna and Skype.
We welcome talent with a multiclutural background and knowledge of local cultures, languages and business markets.

Industries we cover

Tech, Marketing, Media, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Consulting, PR, Events, Admin

For international professionals

Are you an experienced professional with over 3 years experience?

Our Job search program has been specially designed to help professionals (non-Swedish language speakers or those currently learning Swedish at SFI) enter the Swedish job market.

Full-time, part-time and project based contracts
We help professionals enter the job market by helping identify niche opportunities best suited to their work experience, international background and market specific knowledge. Finding a job in Sweden is about meeting the right people and we host regular networking evenings with international companies.

For students

Are you a student seeking to a thesis project, part-time work during studies or full-time work?

Getting your “foot-in-the door” via a thesis or placement is often the best way for employers to get to know you as well as for you to get to know them, the work environment and company culture.

We help students enter the job market via internships. We work directly with global companies and startups in Sweden to find you work relevant to your degree and thesis research project.

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