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Lisa Anna Berglund

Lisa Anna Berglund


Finance, Banking, FinTech, Insurance, Tech

Marie Sundberg

Marie Sundberg


Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, PR, Communications

Erika Fernandes

Erika Fernandes


Gaming, VR, AR, Entertainment, Media, Software

Camilla Hansen

Camilla Hansen


Finance, Media, Operations, Production

Omar Yussuf Md

Omar Yussuf Md


Logistics, Transport, Manufacturing

Bjorn Lundström

Bjorn Lundström


Tech, Enterprise, eCommerce, Media, Healthcare

No replies to your applications or rejections?

  • Most jobs are filled via introductions from coworkers, trusted contacts and agencies. We provide a reference for international applications.
  • Getting introduce to companies that match your skill profile and get more interview decisions.
  • Write the perfect CV and cover letter customised to the employer and job position you are applying for. Find out what employers look for and avoid common mistakes while applying.

Industries we cover

Tech, Marketing, Media, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Gaming, Healthcare, Consulting, PR, Events, Admin

Meeting format

All meetings are 1 hour, in person or over Google Meet.

These workshops have been created in partnership with Recruiters, Job Agencies and Swedish Companies and the contents are designed specially for international job seekers to enter the Swedish job market.

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All meetings are 1 hour, in person or online over Google Meet.

Workshop Meeting 1

Your CV and cover letter presentation for Swedish employers

Your CV is your most important tool and first impressions matter to Swedish employers. Get past the screening stage with the perfect CV and get more responses and interview requests.

This is your chance to work directly with a recruiter, get real feedback on your CV and job search from an employer’s perspective.

What you will learn:

1. Learn how the hiring process works in Sweden

2. Learn what Swedish employers look for in a CV and to format it for different types of Swedish employers

3. Learn how to present your experience, demonstrate your credibility and performance with references, quantifiable results and brands

4. Learn how to profile your experience for industries and job titles, what information to include and what to exclude

5. Learn how to strengthen areas of weakness, highlight transferable skills and soft skills

6. Learn how to structure your CV information correctly and draw attention to key areas

7. Learn how to optimize it for scanning, databases and HR systems used by recruiters in Sweden

8. Learn how to create a supporting online portfolio and tune up your social media profile

9. Learn how to style your CV by reduce clutter and make it aesthetically appealing, user friendly and readable. Create a clear and well structured presentation

10. Learn how to style your cover letter and how to customize it to the job your applying for and important information to include for interview requests

11. Learn how to answer questions about company selection, motivation and your career plans

12. Learn how to answer questions about salary expectations in the screening call

Eur 19

Workshop Meeting 2

Job search, employer contacts and introductions

Most jobs in Sweden are primarily filled by candidates introduced to the employer by contacts or job agencies. It helps to be verified and have trusted references so that your application has more credibility.

This is your chance to work directly with a recruiter, get help with introductions and employers contacts, search for jobs using specific databases, manage interviews, salary negotiations and work permits.

What you will learn:

1. Learn how the recruitment season works and the right time to send applications depending on industry type, company type and job role

2. Learn how the recruitment process and employer decision process works in Sweden

3. Learn how to identify industries in Sweden that match your skill profile, background and experience

4. Learn how to identify companies that match your experience and career goals

5. Learn which job roles and job titles you should focus your job search on

6. Learn which industry specific job databases to use and how to search and filter results

7. Learn which industry specific business networks to join for networking

8. Learn how to find opportunities at companies such as Spotify, Truecaller, Klarna that are rapidly expanding into international markets

9. Learn how to search for hidden jobs not advertised

10. Learn how to present your competencies and transferable skills

11. Learn how to research jobs and employers before you apply

12. Learn which decision makers to connect with at companies and agencies and how to use referrals

13. Learn how to follow up with employers on application decisions and interview requests

14. Learn what questions to expect in the job interview and what employers look for

15. Learn what you can expect in salary and benefits and how to negotiate your pay

Eur 19

What job seekers say and why they ♥ it...

From interview to employment in 2 weeks

I had been depending on recruitment agencies to find me a job and have been emailing my CV but only had 1 response in 6 months. Your coaching has enabled me to be more active and take control of my own job search. I have discovered jobs I would never have thought of and already had 7 interviews and am a lot more optimistic about finding work.

N.Iyer, Halmstad

Being a foreign student here, I was looking for an introduction to the job market and the Swedish Job Culture. This coaching was perfect. I was able to get a part-time job almost the same week and am looking forward to it becoming permanent. Thanks for changing my life!

S.Rao, Gothenberg

The workshop format was friendly and nice, I found it useful to speak to others in my industry also looking for jobs and share resources and tips. The structure was clear and well organised and most importantly I now have a job!!!!

B.Gregory, London / Malmo

Thank you for the seminar, I’m glad I took the time out to learn these skills and change my approach, I have lined up 3 interviews in just one week.

C.Rivera, KTH

Loved attending the seminar with other job seekers like my self to share our problems. Nice to know I’m not the only once facing them.

R.Gibson, Gothenburg

I realised there is more to applying for jobs than just sending out CV’s. Since the coaching, I have spoken to over 50 employers and feel a lot more confident in my conversations with them and getting positive reactions to my CV.

A.Mohammed, KTH, Stockholm

First of all, thanks a lot for the Workshop! I think it was great, because we have gained lots of tips and advice from you, could try them out and see if it works and of course meet each other – people interested in starting up their own businesses. The best advice for me was to structure the talk, qualify and close. This allowed me to see how it should actually should be done.

V.Kosuchinas, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship Weekend Workshop

Useful course! Like many, I came here with my Swedish wife and was intimidated by the jobs demanding a knowledge of Swedish. Fortunately, after attending the seminar, I have managed to find my niche and have started my own Spanish translation company, I want to thank you.

S. Rodriguez, Lund

Inspiring and Motivating. This is just what I needed. I loved the part on directly connecting with employers and how to have a structured conversation. I was always afraid of speaking directly to them, but after attending your coaching, I have not only connect with some important people, but have landed my first job. I want to thank you.

A.Helena, Stockholm

Applying for jobs takes time and you need to have a well written CV. Howeve, what made the biggest difference in my job search was advice and referrals given to me by I was able to move to Sweden and land my dream job at a design company within 6 months.

Y.Adebayo, Stockholm

I am now speaking directly to employers and have learnt to network and increased my network of contacts after attending the seminar. Thanks for helping.

E.Austin, Stockholm