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4 easy steps

Step 1: Apply to become a partner

Start the process by filling out the application form below.

We are seeking motivated self starters and driven individuals with excellent people skills and communication skills.


Step 2: Get your partner-id and content

Get your unique Partner-id link to register jobseekers.

Get an official email@englishjobs. se.

Get an official business card.

Get official content like posters and videos to share.

Step 3: Reach out to job seekers in your network

Share content with your contacts, alumni groups, social networks and Whatsapp groups.

Communicate about moving to Sweden and jobs available.

Register them using your Partner-id link.

Step 4: Register job seekers to the workshop & get paid

Collect local payment from registered job seekers via bank transfer or platforms like M-Paisa.

Confirm their workshop registration.

Get paid instantly by collecting your commision.

Step 4. Register job seekers to workshops and get paid

Book workshops online for job seekers that have paid you in local currency

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