Why move to Sweden

Safety, stability, innovation

Quality of life

Stockholm is consistently listed as one of the world’s best cities to live in for quality of life, safety, stability and innovation. It is also home to the world’s top music, fin-tech and gaming companies with a vibrant startup community of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.

The Unicorn Factory

Thanks to successful startups like Spotify, Skype and King, Stockholm has become a global tech and startup hub. In fact, Stockholm has the most unicorns per capita in the world after Silicon Valley. International investors increasingly scout the city for the next rising star as many new companies thrive in the creative soil of talent and entrepreneurship.
Source: Invest In Sweden

Recent investments:

Klarna $120M, Trustly $29M, Fyndiq $20M, Truecaller $79M, KnCMiner $29M, Tobii $15M, iZettle $60M, BIMA Mobile $22M, Tictail $8M

Swedish companies going global fuel the demand for international talent

Sweden is an export economy.
61% of all manufactured goods were exported, totalling 1,745 Billion SEK and 45% of GDP.

  • USA $13.5 Bn

  • Italy $3.8 Bn

  • Brazil $1.7 Bn

  • Mexico $862 Mn

  • Greece $328 Mn

  • UK $10.3 Bn

  • Russia $3.3 Bn

  • India $1.4 Bn

  • UAE $737 Mn

  • Malaysia $249 Mn

    • France $7.5 Bn

    • Spain $2.6 Bn

    • S.Africa $1.2 Bn

    • Latvia $703 Mn

    • Ghana $180 Mn

    • China $5.5 Bn

    • Australia $2.0 Bn

    • Singapore $1.1 Bn

    • Nigeria $493 Mn

    • Cyprus $140 Mn

      • Poland $4.4 Bn

      • Turkey $1.9 Bn

      • Egypt $849 Mn

      • Morocco $419 Mn

      • Chile $100 Mn


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