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Business Startup Visa in Sweden



About this event:

Apply for a Business Startup Visa or Self Employment Visa

Set up your business in the largest city in the Nordics and gain access to a thriving, resilient market.

We support foreign entrepreneurs with the process of moving to Sweden to setup a business. Get help with setting up your company, business plan, market research, connecting with customers and investors.

Why is the workshop required?

This workshop is designed to assist entrepreneurs to setup their own business in Sweden or for international talent to work as a self employed (freelance) contractors.

When you apply for a business visa, the Swedish Migration Agency will do a financial assessment of your business plan.

This workshop will ensure that you have all the information required to prepare your business plan according to the expectations of the migration agency.

You will also learn about the options available for setting up your company and sources of finance available such as investors, government grants and bank loans for entrepreneurs.

Each workshop is a 1 on 1 personal online video meeting on Google Meet with a business startup specialist.

Workshop meeting contents

Company Registration

  • Learn about company set up options an formats
  • How to set up as an independent consultant or an AB company
  • Learn the process for F-tax registration
  • Learn about name registration and protection

Business Plan Presentation

  • Learn how to write your plan to meet the requirements of the Swedish Migration Agency
  • How to research market statistics on demographics, population, age, business sentiment, industrial capacity
  • How to research size and type of companies involved in that sector, as well as the regulations that apply and the general state of the market
  • How to format your financial budget
  • How to format your sales forecast
  • How to identify partners
  • How to research and establish customer contacts
  • How to format your sales plan


  • How to apply for loans and grants and the application process
  • How to source venture capital and approach investors in Sweden
  • How to apply for EU grants
  • Learn about book keeping requirements
  • Learn about accounting options


  • Employment conditions in Sweden are regulated by the Employment Protection Act (Lagen om Anställningsskydd, or LAS, link in Swedish). This act states that employment contracts are for an indefinite term unless otherwise explicitly stated in the employment contract. Learn about the types of employment contracts, sub-contracts and outsourcing options to run your company.

Workshop fee

The workshop has a fixed admin processing fee of Euro 99.This includes all the content and meetings.There are NO other costs or admin fees.

For more help or questions pls email

Alina Lindgren
About:  Alina Lindgren

6 years experience in recruitment and HR. Worked with so of the fastest growing companies in Sweden including Spotify, Epidemic Sound, Epic Games, Ericsson, Volvo and more to build international talent capacity for innovation and business growth.

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