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Sweden: EU Blue Card Improvements Forthcoming


​​A proposed law would implement a new EU Blue Card Directive in November 2023, with key proposals including: an easier process for those seeking to switch their immigration status to an EU Blue Card; fewer administrative hurdles for EU Blue Card holders seeking to change employers in Sweden; a shorter required duration of employment for EU Blue Card applicants; and improvements for holders of EU Blue Cards granted in other EU Member States. The purpose of the proposals is to attract and retain highly-qualified workers to Sweden and facilitate their mobility within the European Union. The proposed law is out for comments from affected stakeholders, after which the Council of Legislation will review the new draft, followed by a vote by the Parliament and passing of the bill. The content of the bill is subject to change and we will report on related developments. 

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Alina Lindgren
About:  Alina Lindgren

6 years experience in recruitment and HR. Worked with so of the fastest growing companies in Sweden including Spotify, Epidemic Sound, Epic Games, Ericsson, Volvo and more to build international talent capacity for innovation and business growth.

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