Does your CV pass the 30 second test?

"The average time spent reading a CV is just 6 seconds" - Forbes.

Why your CV matters

Your CV is your most important career tool.
Decisions to interview or reject may be made solely on this document and you are rarely offered a second chance at first impressions.

On average, a job post receives around 130 applications.
A professionally presented CV customised to the employer and job role will stand out, make good first impression and help you get past the first stage of screening.

Most common mistakes

Mistakes are expensive.
Time wasted job searching can cost you potential money earned and savings.

1. Not understand the Swedish job market
2. Not understanding the decision making process
3. Not defining your niche
4. Not leveraging your cultural background
5. Not promoting your language skills
6. Not establishing relationships
7. Not speaking to the right people
8. Not personalising your application
9. Not following up with applications

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Before you apply

Perfect your CV presentation


Employers receive a large number of CVs each week.

Please make sure your CV and Cover Letter is customised and structured for the position you are applying for.

To get feedback on your CV and Cover Letter BEFORE YOU APPLY, book a quick 30 minute meeting with a recruiter here (Fridays only)

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