Residency & Work Visa

Move to Sweden to work or start a business

New! Swedish work permit law from 1st June 2022

As part of the new work permit law, the government has also brought in a new nine-month talent visa for people who want to work or to look into starting a business.

To be eligible for the talent visa, applicants need to have a degree and meet job profile requirements.

You need to send copies of certificates and official transcripts with your application.

If these documents are in a language other than English, they have to be translated into Swedish.

How it works, 4 easy steps


Step 1: Check your eligibility

Start the process by uploading your CV to check eligibility.

Our recruiters in Stockholm will review your CV and qualifications and will be in touch with you.

You can expect an email or a quick verification call to check details.

Get an invite

If successful, you will receive an invite to join Step 2 and book a meeting time.

Time taken & official fee

Time: 2-3 days
Fees: Free


Step 2: Workshop registration

This is the official process with employers and agencies for job matching .

This workshop is an online video meeting via Google Meet with a recruiter from Sweden.

Workshop 1 – Job applications.

This is about documents, CV and letter, salary, benefits, contacting employers, applying for jobs and getting interviews.

Workshop 2 (optional) – Interview preparation for personality and behavioural questions

This is about preparing for the job interviews.

Workshop 3 (optional) – Interview preparation for industry and job role questions

This is about preparing for the job interviews.

Time taken & official fee

Time: 2 weeks
Fees: Eur 59

Step 3: Job interviews & offer

Companies will contact you to schedule an interview.

Interviews are usually done remotely by companies over Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Typically, there are 3 interview meetings. 1st with a colleague, 2nd with a manager and 3rd with HR.

If you successfully pass the interview, you will receive a job offer letter.

Your job offer letter will state your Job title, job responsibilities, salary and contract duration (1, 2 or 3 years).

Time taken & official fee

Time: 2 weeks
Fees: Free

Step 4: Apply for your visa

Submit your visa application form, along with your passport, job offer letter and supporting documents to your nearest Swedish embassy.

If your employer is a member of Migrationsverket (Swedish migration agency) fast track application program, your visa should take 10 days to process.

Time taken & official fee

Time: 10 days up to 2-3 weeks

Fee: Free (If sponsored by your employer) or the embassy fee Eur 195 or (Swedish Krona) SEK 2200.

Please check with your local embassy as fees may vary from country to country.

Step 1. Check your eligibility

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Get help with applying the right way

Ensure your application is successful by having the right documentation and meeting all the requirements.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding your eligibility status.

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